We sit down with the owner of The Floral Keep, Megan Lim (pictured below), and dig deep into the motivation behind The Floral Keep and where it’s headed.

A background on the founder of The Floral Keep.  

Megan initially started in the marketing industry, where she later on dove deeper into digital marketing as the world transcended into a more digitalized, technical realm. Through this, she engaged in all things marketing: ad campaigns, design, aesthetics, and branding. While Megan still exercises her skill sets in this line of work, she has always been inclined towards her creative side. For as long as she could remember, she has been fascinated by and interested in the arts and crafts. From clay sculptures, friendship bracelets, and even special effects makeup, Megan has always felt drawn to the artistic side of things. Naturally, she headed towards

building her own brand and pursuing an entrepreneurial path. Thus, the Floral Keep was born. Megan is still in charge of how her brand looks and how it is marketed. She is also the main florist at The Floral Keep and the face of its designs, techniques, and arrangements. 

The vision behind The Floral Keep

Megan wants to teach more people about the benefits and usefulness of preserved flowers, even though fresh flowers still make up most of the flower market. As preserved flowers generally last about a year, Megan feels it is way more practical compared to fresh flowers.  Generally, fresh flowers are known to be exorbitantly priced, especially for festive occasions such as Valentine’s Day. At Floral Keep, there is no additional markup on flowers for special occasions. Megan adds that there are a range of designs at The FloralKeep, so everyone with any budget can enjoy flowers. Thus, she hopes to continue spreading the joy of sending flowers to all by keeping her preserved flowers affordably priced 

The Floral Keep’s company values 

Megan intends to continuously uphold a professional and reliable stance through all her transactions. The Floral Keep prides itself on being accommodating by going the extra mile for customers that want to explore special requests and meeting those expectations. As each bouquet will present a different story, she maintains that each and every one of them is up to standard and is safely delivered to fulfill its purpose to each customer. 

The appeal of preserved flowers 

Megan believes that preserved flowers make perfect sense because they are both beautiful and long-lasting. She adds that oftentimes, there is a reason for each bouquet, and while immortalizing it may be impossible, preserved flowers last so much longer than fresh flowers. Whether it’s an apology bouquet, an anniversary bouquet, or a birthday bouquet, Megan hopes that preserved flowers will allow the receiver to relive the emotions of the bouquet each time they set eyes upon it. 

The Floral Keep is a solely preserved flower florist. 

Megan agrees that, for now, she will only be working with preserved flowers. Fresh flowers are easy to find everywhere in Singapore. She wants to focus on the niche market of preserved flowers and offer The Floral Keep as an easy, one-stop solution for preserved flowers because she truly believes in their benefits. 

The Floral Keep’s Success

Megan’s dream is to continue bringing joy and satisfaction to her customers. Megan prides her brand on being a 5-star-rated preserved florist and intends to continue delivering the same high quality and service for all of The Floral Keep’s customers.  

If you want to buy preserved flowers, look through our bouquet selection here. For customizations or queries, roll over to the bottom right of the screen to be redirected to Whatsapp and start a chat with us!

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