Preserved flowers have been on the uptrend lately and for good reason beyond just greater value for money. There are a myriad of reasons why many are turning to preserved flowers instead of the usual fresh cut flowers. We’re big believers of preserved flowers here at The Floral Keep too and we’ve listed 10 Reasons Why We Love Preserved Flowers. 

1. They last longer than fresh cut flowers

On average, a fresh cut flower will last you 1 week, and 2 weeks if you’re stretching it, and more common than not, it ends up in the trash or as a poor attempt to dry it by hanging it after it’s too late. Preserved flowers, on the other hand, are the stronger contender, lasting up to 1 or 2 years and even longer when well taken care of. At The Floral Keep, we have had arrangements made since the start of our operation back in October of 2019. Unique, and exceptionally crafted, we suggest you take a look at these preserved beauties here.

2. They cost cheaper than fresh flowers

On average, fresh flowers can go anywhere between $40 to $200, depending on your choice of flowers and bouquet size. Here at The Floral Keep, prices start from $20. Considering how long these flowers can last you, the average annual expense on flowers is actually lower. Especially so if you frequently buy flowers to decorate your home. With preserved flowers and its longer shelf life, you won’t have to buy as often anymore to replenish your home decor, thereby cutting your spending on flowers tremendously. With The Floral Keep, we try our best to price our flowers as close to fresh flowers as possible, making them one of the most affordable preserved flowers you can get in Singapore.

3. Quality guaranteed – every time

The unfortunate truth is that most people that have either bought or received fresh flowers have come across a bad bouquet – withering petals, leaves and other defects. This happens because florists are not able to move their stock quickly enough, and sometimes they may end up using aged or older flowers to fulfill the orders to avoid waste and profit loss. With preserved flowers, the quality of each element in your bouquet or arrangement is guaranteed. The Floral Keep ensures The preserved flowers ensure the quality of each bouquet we create. We ensure the petals stay firm and that droppage is to a minimum (of course, with the exception of some grasses like pampas).

4. They are easy to maintain

There are some pretty standard and minimal instructions with regards to maintaining your preserved flowers. These include: 

·   Do not put them in water or have them come into contact with liquids

·   Keep them away from sunlight

·   Put them in a well ventilated area

Which basically translates to: You may put your flowers on a table or display shelf! That’s really all it takes to prolong and ensure your preserved flowers are well maintained. 

5. No sensitivities & allergies

Fresh flowers may sometimes carry pollen or sharp smells that may irritate its owner. Preserved flowers on the other hand eliminates all smells and pollen, making it allergy friendly. What’s more – if you’re not a fan of bugs and insects like us, preserved flowers are your perfect solution to evade those little critters!

6. Environmentally friendly

With greater efforts for water conservation in Singapore, preserved flowers deserve an honourable mention as you won’t have to water them daily (or ever again). Here’s to taking a small step in the right direction in helping mother Earth by choosing preserved flowers over fresh flowers!

7. Fits into any living/work space

Have a little nook or cranny to fill in your home? Perhaps your dining table needs some sprucing up? A touch of elegance in the bedroom, you say? With the variety of preserved flowers, there are an endless number of choices in arrangement for any part of your home or workspace. 

The Floral Keep’s products are all customisable, and this allows you to create a look that suits the color scheme of any place you have in mind, with different sizes and arrangement types. There’s something for everyone and The Floral Keep is sure to craft something perfect for your needs.

8. There are more colours & they stay vibrant

Because of how flower preservation works, there are now preserved roses and other flowers in colours that cannot be found in nature. Fret not, while they are not naturally created, this does not mean that your preserved flower will look fake. It means that you get to choose from your favourite colours. From mint green, deep blues & purples, to even gold and tiffany blue. Furthermore, the colours won’t fade over time and will remain as vibrant as when you first receive them.

9. They don’t shrink

Fresh flowers shrink over time due to its loss in water content. Preserved flowers on the other hand are spared from this. As preserved flowers don’t require water, they stay plump and firm throughout their lifespan and only turn soft if they are overly exposed to a wet or humid environment. 

10. They are light-weight

Fresh flower bouquets and arrangements can definitely lug some weight with them. That is mainly because of how much water there is in the flowers, and with the additional water pouch or foam that is needed to keep them fresh until you can take over the watering process. Preserved flowers, on the other hand, do not have all the excess water weight and this makes carrying a bouquet of flowers, tremendously easier. In fact, at The Floral Keep, we offer a range of bouquet sizes to suit your preference.

There you have it, 10 Reasons Why We Love Preserved Flowers. Head over to the main page to start shopping!

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