Flowers have countless meanings, whether is it love, friendship, forgiveness or memory. Each flower represents a significant connotation that one desires. Hence, when should we give flowers? The simple answer to a delicate question is that there isn’t one. Flowers are not courtesy gifts, like chocolate or wine, it is a meaning. Roses represents love, daisies represent innocence and the preserved flower that is kept between your book is remembrance. The decision on when we should give flowers must not be time or occasions, but the meaning you wish to convey. A million words lies between each petal, the beauty that nature conceives speak for your heart. It is a reason and not time. Many words can’t be spoken, but the message or emotion you wish to project can be beautiful as giving a flower. Emotions are delicate, and by giving someone a gift from nature is simple yet so powerful.


Hence, if you ever wonder when you should give a flower, do not think of the occasion but the emotions you want to project. Even, a dried flower can have a great impact, for it is a memory. A memory one wished to preserve and to remember the good or bad times. A valentine flower is love and sometimes, the love you have for your significant can’t be explained by words or diamonds. But, when you give that one stalk of rose, it echoes your love to inexplicable terms. You’re giving a meaning that is grown from nature itself, and emotions are nature. It reflects your heart. Give the flowers to someone who’s grieving, and it will bounce off countless meanings, like forgiveness, remembrance or love. It means more than a sympathy plate of pie, for the meaning behind the flowers are strong and it empathises with people. They will feel the message you wish to give, and not just understanding the sympathy but empathy.


Time is a stream of an endless river, and if you give someone a preserved flower, it could trigger a beautiful childhood memory, or a statement of eternity. A warmth that is worth being remembered for all of time as it brings a smile, forgetting all the stress and pain. By giving a simple dried flower that has lost its vitality ages ago can give someone a memory that is pure and innocent. If I must give you an answer on when you should give a flower, it should be a time where you want to make others feel love, comfort or joy. To feel the meaning, whether it is a rose, sunflower or even a dried flower means more than just conveying a message that is empty and insignificant. Give because of emotions as when we feel, it connects us in a magical way we can’t possibly imagine. And, flowers are arts that have boundless meanings and emotion.

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