Thinking of getting a bouquet but unsure whether to go for fresh flowers or preserved flowers? Here’s all the conviction you need on why preserved flowers are the better choice

  1. It will never die 

Let’s face the reality – not all of us will remember to water our plants or change the vase water daily, and even if you do, you know it’s just a matter of time before your beautiful flowers start wilting. On average, fresh cut flowers will last you a week or two at most. Afterwards, it likely ends up in the trash. Preserved flowers, as the name suggests, remain intact and will last one to two years or even longer if it’s well taken care of. The Floral Keep has been working with preserved flowers since they first started out in 2019, so trust that your bouquet is in good hands and will stay ‘fresh’ for a long time. 

  1. It Doesn’t Require Watering 

Preserved flowers are the perfect cheat code to enjoy the beauty of flowers without the hassle. They are barely any different from fresh flowers! They feel the same and oftentimes are sturdier than their fresh counterparts. Since the flowers are already dried and preserved, you do not need to water them and should actually avoid getting them in contact with any water or moisture. Keeping them in a well ventilated room will also help to prolong their shelf life. 

  1. Won’t Make A Dent in Your Wallet 

If you’re the type of person that buys fresh flowers regularly, your purchases will definitely make a hole in your pocket because of the need to replenish your dying flowers. Here at The Floral Keep, we understand our customers and want to make our bouquets affordable for all with Grabpay and Atome installment options. Our preserved flowers are sometimes even priced lower than fresh flower florists, and the bonus? You can keep them beside you for as long as you like! This makes preserved flowers truly worth your money as you’re buying something that really lasts, much like any other decor piece. 

  1. The Eco-Friendly Choice

With the dire need to go green and save our environment, preserved flowers are actually the more sustainable choice. Since dried flowers do not require the same process of travel and emissions and last a lot longer than fresh flowers, they are the better choice for the environment! Whether it’s for home decoration, special events or as a gift, their long-lasting life span adds great value to the environment with less resources required and lesser energy consumption. Browse here to view our range of preserved designs!

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