Preserved flowers are becoming increasingly popular, and for all the right reasons. stunning, make great home décor, make lovely personal gifts, and are long-lasting if properly cared for. We’re strong advocates for preserved flowers here at The Floral Keep, and we’d like to share with you some of the more popular preserved flowers that we commonly work with. After all, knowledge is power! So let’s get familiar with these various flower names and types. 

Preserved Roses

One of the most popular flowers in both fresh and dried bouquets is the rose. Roses are a timeless beauty and bring elegance and class to any arrangement. Typically, different-colored roses mean different things. The most common, red roses, symbolize passionate love and romance. At The Floral Keep, you can choose from many different kinds of dried roses. Whether it’s a graduation, a birthday, an anniversary, or no particular occasion, reach out to us if you have any particular preference. 

Bunny Tails (Lagurus)

Soft and fluffy, the bunny tail resembles that of a rabbit. Dried bunny tails are one of the most popular dried flowers. You can find them in vases by themselves or with other beautiful flowers that last forever. Bunny tails make a great addition to any preserved flower arrangement. 

Featured in our Penny In Blue and Dusty Pink are bunny tails in a soft blend of pastel hues. 

Dried Cotton

Dried cotton is more of a plant than a flower, and it is often used in dried floral bouquets. As these are white and fluffy, they add a touch of softness. Dried cotton tends to go well with minimal arrangements and can even become a bit of a feature, but it also works well in conjunction with other blooms. Featured below is dried cotton in our Merida in Red


Preserved and dried hydrangea is a popular dried botanical. Hydrangeas, which come in a variety of colors, represent gratitude, grace, and beauty. With their big, stunning blooms,  hydrangeas look amazing on their own in a vase or in big bunches. Alternatively, they also look great with dainty additions like a bunny’s tail or baby’s breath.


Baby’s Breath

Dried Gypsophila, commonly known as “Baby’s Breath,” adds a touch of demureness and sweetness to any bouquet. It helps tie together the array of colors and flowers used in our preserved flower arrangements. We’re big fans of baby’s breath, and it more often than not helps to complement other flowers and foliage. It also looks great on its own and can be easily dyed in a variety of soft colors. 



Carnations are another popular flower favorite. In ancient times, these flowers represented love and captivation. The folds of carnations are unique, adding depth to bouquets and arrangements. Its papery texture also represents gentleness. Below is an example of how our yellow carnation adds softness to our rustic arrangement in neutral tones. Melody in Yellow is still available for purchase.

It can be hard to figure out what flowers and leaves to put in a bouquet or arrangement. That’s why at The Floral Keep, you can trust us to deliver an arrangement of preserved flowers that will suit your needs. Browse more of our collection here, or reach out to us for something customized!

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