About The Brand

The Floral Keep’s humble beginnings started back in October of 2019 with our Founder, Megan. Like many people, she had an affinity for flowers and everything about them, from buying and receiving them on rare occasions. However, she never liked watching them wilt and shrivel in the week of having them. Having first turned to drying flowers through handing them, she finally found the best option of having beautiful flowers which she used as decor, and that option was preserved flowers. 

“The first thing that intrigued me was how vivid the colours of these flowers were, and just how many were available that could not be naturally grown. Safe to say, it made the best sense. I then started creating pieces for my family and friends, and not long, I had my first paying customer.”

The Floral Keep is the only florist in Singapore that focuses solely on preserved flowers because of our belief that it is the most cost-effective for the Singapore market. Preserved flower designs can be stunning and last you years compared to fresh flowers that last you no more than 2 weeks. We cater to every occasion, whether you need something for a birthday, celebration, anniversary or even if you need to use it as an apology to someone. The Floral Keep also works to create designs for every type of person, whether you are male or female, young or old, want something small or something big. We try our best to keep costs low and provide a range of price points so that everyone can experience the gift of flowers. Right now, we are also accepting payments through GrabPay and Atome which allows for installment payments and is one of the many things we integrate into our business to make everyone happy when shopping.

The Floral Keep has always been and still is a home-based florist. And though we are sad to not have a physical shop for our customers as many have enquired, we pride ourselves with the best customer service and quick deliveries. This value has garnered us immaculate 5 star reviews from the beginning and we don’t intend to ever fall short on delivering quality and reliability for all our customers. 

While The Floral Keep doesn’t cater to walk-ins at the moment, we do have designs on hand with us and we’re happy to do our best to accommodate last minute requests. Just drop us a call or a WhatsApp message! 

Affordably priced and satisfaction guaranteed. Each bouquet is unique and different from the next. The Floral Keep intricately crafts each bouquet with love, care and attention in hopes of delivering joy to you and your loved ones. 

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