4 Reasons Why Preserved Flowers Are Better Than Fresh Flowers

Thinking of getting a bouquet but unsure whether to go for fresh flowers or preserved flowers? Here’s all the conviction you need on why preserved flowers are the better choice Let’s face the reality – not all of us will remember to water our plants or change the vase water daily, and even if you […]

When Should You Give Flowers?

Flowers have countless meanings, whether is it love, friendship, forgiveness or memory. Each flower represents a significant connotation that one desires. Hence, when should we give flowers? The simple answer to a delicate question is that there isn’t one. Flowers are not courtesy gifts, like chocolate or wine, it is a meaning. Roses represents love, […]

10 Reasons To Buy Preserved Flowers

Preserved flowers have been on the uptrend lately and for good reason beyond just greater value for money. There are a myriad of reasons why many are turning to preserved flowers instead of the usual fresh cut flowers. We’re big believers of preserved flowers here at The Floral Keep too and we’ve listed 10 Reasons […]

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