Caring for The Floral Keep's Flowers

Frequently Asked Questions

Taking proper care of your preserved flowers by following the four steps found on our care instructions will ensure a long shelf life for your bouquet or arrangement, up to 2 years.

Some of our flowers and grasses will gradually lose colour, but will bring in a new aesthetic for your bouquet or arrangement. 

Our flowers and grasses are picked specifically for the fact that their colours won’t fade quickly. Some more durable species can even last up to 5 years and more.

We offer islandwide delivery for an additional $10, excluding the normally restricted zones in Singapore. Places that requires entry fees can be delivered to but, do drop us a call before placing your order so that we can advise on the additional charge.

Alternatively, we also offer self-pickup from our address but do take note that we currently do not cater to walk-ins and prior bookings for collection should be arranged with us when placing your order.

We operate everyday from 12pm to 10pm. Our delivery window starts from 10am for orders placed the previous day and ends at 8pm. However, you can pick up your order from us at anytime during our operating hours and on special cases, we do allow for midnight pick ups.

We accept credit/debit card payments, PayNow, GrabPay and Atome. 

We always try our best to replicate ready made designs and put them out of stock the moment even one element in the design is not available to us. The Floral Keep ensures quality and consistency. 

For custom designs, each bouquet is unique, and different, so when you place an order with us for any bouquet or arrangement, you will have the option to choose its colours. From here, we take the reigns and craft you a timeless bouquet. 

You can contact us directly at +65 85242423 to place an order. Alternatively, you can send us an enquiry via our contact page or drop us an email at From there, we will assist you in your ordering process.

We are happy to answer any pending queries you may have. You may reach us by clicking on the chat function located on the bottom right of every page. You may also direct all questions via Whatsapp to +65 85242423 for a prompt response. 

Reach out to us and we will glady recommend you designs or custom designs for your recipient. So far, we haven’t had anyone tell us that their recipient did not like our flowers! (Even the angry ones on forgotten anniversaries 🤣)

We process refunds on a case-by-case basis. However, if you had mistakenly placed an order or changed your mind, we will issue you a refund without any questions if you raise your concern to us within 30 mins of placing your order. You may contact us directly on Whatsapp +65 85242423.

We do not process refunds for orders that are already on its way to you. 

If you receive your order and find it unsatisfactory, we will do a 1-to-1 exchange immediately.

For other enquiries about refunds, please drop us a message on Whatsapp +65 85242423.


Care Instructions

Unlike its fresh counterparts, caring for preserved flowers requires minimal effort. We want you to experience the most with your purchase of our preserved flowers. In order to ensure they last you for years, take proper care by following these steps accordingly. 

  • Do not expose it to moisture 

Have we mentioned yet that these flowers don’t require water? Yes, you read that right. Keep your flowers away from moisture or liquids to extend its shelf life. 

  • Keep away from heat and sunlight 

Direct sunlight or exposed heat will change the colours of the preserved flowers, much like fresh flowers. To avoid this, make sure your blooms are kept away from the sun and heat. 

  • Don’t drop them!

Flowers do get softer over time, especially after a year of going through the different humidities of Singapore. As preserved flowers are derived from fresh flowers, they can also be slightly fragile, so, try not to drop them as it may alter the shape of the flowers. But fret not, even if that happens, it can easily be rectified by slowly bending it back into shape. 

  • Give it a nice spot to be admired 

Ideally, your preserved flowers should be placed in a well ventilated room. In the event that it does get slightly dusty, remember not to use moisture on them. Instead, gently use a soft microfibre duster! Alternatively, if you own an air gun, that is The Floral Keep’s approved method. 

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