Ultimate Get Well Soon Hamper



This hamper is perfect for gifting people who just had surgery or is overcoming an illness. Specifically curated to help your loved one heal quickly and with quality chinese medicine. This hamper has:

  • 1 Small Preserved Vase Arrangement (Colour Customisable)
  • 1 Single Rose Stalk (Colour Customisable)
  • 2 Waist Tonic (400ml): Relieves Waist Ache and Back Ache, Nourishes Kidney, Improves Complexion, Improves Blood Circulation
  • 2 Premium Concentrated Bird’s Nest With Rock Sugar (150g): Enhance disease prevention system, Excellent nervous system, Blood Care, Helps relieve fatigue
  • 1 Manuka Blend Honey (500g): Antibacterial, Antiviral, Anti-Inflammatory and Antioxidant Properties
  • 1 box of Chicken Essence (6 jars of 70ml): Helps relieve symptoms of physical and mental fatigue
  • 1 Mini Teddy Bear

This will determine what colours of flowers we have in the vase. You may choose multiple colours

What colour do you want the single stalk bouquet to be?

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